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March 23rd, 2009 // 5 Comments // Posted by Matthias

This is funny, yesterday i had an little discussion with Lukas about this new network called Twitter. Everyone talks about it. In the last days i really often read this name or saw that brand on several pages. Funny about that is this cool video called “Twouble with Twitters” witch i found after the little explanation by Lukas. I think this will bring it to the point best!

5 Comments to into the twittersphere!!!

Great video! Indeed, twitter has become a huge issue on the daily agenda, there also is an editorial in one of the last “Journalist” issues. But though I am an absolute Internet junkie and social networks are also the focus of my thesis at university I dont feel any interest for this service. It totally reminds me that certain status messages at MySpace which some people use the way. Of course blogging is nothing but self-portrayal, to
but definitely on a more sophisticated level. It all has to do with nowadays identity and image construction, I guess.

In this respect: Roberdo is going for a shit now!


yes i agree this is an phenomenon of our time. everyone wants to expose them selfs without asking anyone if they are interesseted. thats the right society for the web3.0 generation where everything is loged into the web.

bye realness


this video shows exacttly what it is and it’s really frightend to see where the chat scene is moving to…. the first time i didn’t understand how this is working, but know i get it. people are losing there brain more and more because of the flush of media, so they can write down everything what happend on a normal day, because when they will forget one day, what they have always done after waken up, they can ask someone from the twitterchat who can tell them. great


And i was about to register on twitter…damnit.
The big freaky whale would be coming for me otherwise…i´ll rather update my status on facebook quickly. Let´s say to compensate…oh and i didn´t check myspace yet..pff got a busy day ahead. :-)


twitter is crap and u guys are internet Junkies :)

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