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March 24th, 2009 // 3 Comments // Posted by Lukas

Back in the days i was a real Skateboarding addict. I skated all day long, would need a new pair of shoes every 2 or 3 Months, even did some tournaments back in Portugal…so i still really like the asthetics of Skateboarding. I found this Musicvideo by Spike Jonze featuring the track “Heaven” from Unkle, reusing parts from the movie Fully Flared by Lakai Footwear (previously unkown to me). Be pacient and watch the whole thing…its worth it.

3 Comments to Unkle – Heaven

Definitely great video! I was not sure how much is real stunt and how much post production when I watched it!? Its funny, during the last weeks again and again I considered starting (street) longboarding, are you into that a little, too?


Actually it was all built by them! So when the trick went wrong they had to build it again.
I talked to a Mate of mine who went to the “Fully flared” premiere…
I just imagine how it must be to focusing to do the trick and everything around you blows up. Mayhem… he he
Btw…longboarding is for pussies..
just kidding…but always felt better on a skate with proper tail and nose to do some tricks.Big up.L


Really interesting! In fact the dudes really look like ducking down from the explosions.

I would also try a regular skateboard but -in this respect I might be a pussy- I really hate the idea of kissing the concrete. Its really much better to have a wipeout on a surf which also can get pretty cruel. Anyway, I am still in Münster for a few months and this is the town where famous Münster Monster Masterships used to take place so I should really consider getting some rolls…

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