Photographer: Claire Martin

April 7th, 2009 // 2 Comments // Posted by Matthias

This is up to you Andrea. Claire Martin began her career by pursuing a degree in Social Work with a minor in Anthropology, however, she quickly changed her focus to Photography when she realized that greater change can be effected through this medium.  The photograph reveals and illuminates; it educates and inspires action.  Her recent work in the Vancouver Downtown East Side, Canada’s poorest neighbourhood, has brought to light terrible injustices and the government’s failure to address the social problems that plague this community. This series has been recognized by the IPA with a nomination for Deeper Perspective Photographer of the Year.

Claire currently resides in Slab City, California where she is documenting a community of people that live off the grid amid harsh desert conditions, in a quest to be free.


2 Comments to Photographer: Claire Martin

Well…Andrea!….i guess you wanted something like this! Thx for the contrast Matthias…


Thank you! It is really impressive to see the differences between the photographs of Elias Tahan and Claire Martin. This example shows us life we cannot imagine at all. But mayebe we can try to figure out this side of humanity.

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