Street Art in Sao Paulo, Brazil

April 30th, 2009 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

I found a very inspiring video about street art and graffiti in Sao Paulo this morning. Thanks of a friend of mine who sent me a Cool Hunting Video on Youtube about “Pixacao”, a special way of Tagging in Brazil…
This 13 min Film shows how some Artists are raising awareness to social problems in Sao Paulo through their Art and reveals the “Art less Pollution” project by Alexandre Orion, where Imagery is obtained through cleaning polluted Areas.  He “cleans” 3500 Skulls on the walls of a tunel during 17 consecutive nights… it´s in the video but check out the Site.

The Video is not embedabble but still worth watching, so just follow this Link!

But there is one about the tunnel here we go.

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