Dubstep – Pinch Interview at FACT magazine

May 19th, 2009 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas


Uk´s FACT Magazine did an extensive Interview with Pinch from the label Tectonic. With some of the best releases out there, including Burial, 2562, the album Underwater Dancehall from Pinch himself surely a label to follow and well worth to get some Insight on this one if you´re into Dubstep.

FACT called up Pinch to talk about the mix, the running of the label, and the scene and context in which it’s operated.

Read the Interview here!

Btw…dubstep fans around Berlin in July look out for the Sub:stance Party on the 10th.
I hate silent posts about Music…so here´s one of my favourite Tracks from the Album “Underwater Dancehall”:

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