Sola Rosa – What a groove!

May 11th, 2009 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

Sola Rosa! I always wonder why this Band doesn´t play gigs on major Stages in Europe or elsewhere in the World.  I played the first Sola Rosa tunes in 2005 on my first Chillout Sets…as far as i knew it was a one-man-show from New Zealand with some support of other Artists. One of my favourites back the was this track:  What If? feat Nathan Haines – Sola Rosa.

I´m glad i recently checked what had happened to Sola Rosa…Appearently i went on really well and it shaped up to a 5 Member Band featuring many other Artists. They did a Tour through NZ and released a new Album called “Get it together” in March 2009. You can download it with a price of your choice on their Website (10 Bucks minimum). Really cool way of distributing Music!
Here´s one of my favourites of the current Album:  Sola Rosa – Turn Around Feat. Iva Lamkum.

To listen to the Album, read lots more and to see pics from Gigs, Studio Recordings and their Tour check out the Website:
Groove on!

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