Ben Howard & Fink – Something for your Soul!

June 5th, 2009 // 3 Comments // Posted by Lukas

I just came back from a great concert here in Berlin. I went to see Fink from Ninja tunes. A great acoustic guitar Artist with his band.
Really deep music for some quiet thoughtful moments. His tunes helped me out in some special moments over the last year.
Nevertheless the real surprise was the opening act for the concert: A solo Artist called Ben Howard…coming along with typical british understatement threw out some really moving songs. Young and appearantly unknown i am totally sure that he will find his way to a proper musical career. Do me a favor, support this guy, add him on myspace, book him, go see him live, it´s brilliant!

Here´s a proper Ben Howard recording to be found on youtube ( but have a listen to more at his myspace page).

And here´s one of my favourite Fink Songs…

3 Comments to Ben Howard & Fink – Something for your Soul!

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