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June 9th, 2009 // 2 Comments // Posted by Matthias

Hey guys this is huge!

Pressured by many friend requests (yes i knew i shouldn’t do this), yesterday i  finally signed up to facebook and there i stumbled upon the fantastic Documentary “Home”  (thx S. for posting it) which was released on 5th June – the international day of environment.  A couple of days before I’ve read a article about this film, now its finally online at Youtube. The well known french photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand and director Luc Besson (Le grand bleu/The Fifth Element) made this possible and i think they did a great job.

Don’t misunderstand me when i say this film is like an orgasm for your eyes. But also in the same time a slap to the ears when u listen carefully. Amazing tracking shots and pans of landscapes on the one side and sadly facts about the strange way of evolution by the Homo-sapiens on the other side.

In the past it was and and in the future it will always be a question of  balance. One question of life – the balance of good and evil, the balance of power and depression between poor and rich. A question that can´t be answered by humans.
We need more films like this one. Media should go back to the roots, back to being based on democratic enlightenment and not on manipulation.  Again and again we must remind us how precious this world is! Everyone who is wealthy and able to do so!

This short teaser shows u some pictures from the movie. Watch it in full length (1h33min) and HD resolution on Youtube.

On Googlemaps u can get some more information about the spots witch are shown in the film.

Happy about your feedback

2 Comments to HOME – A Documentary about us

I thought about posting this when i first read about it. This is huge indeed!
And every single human being should watch this and take his time to think about it.
The more consumer orientated and less idealistic we have become we should at least preserve something i would call: a good sense.
Similar to Baraka (a Documentary from 1992 which searches more for a universal cultural perspective) or the famous Planet Earth Documentary, the Images show us what there is we sometimes can´t even imagine…because just few are blessed with the chance of travelling to see for themselves.
I remember seeing a Greenpeace documentary about our future when i was a child..i was shattered and it traumatized me for days. Sometimes i still think about it.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand packed this movie with mindblowing imagery showing us the wounds of our planet. Watch it, show it to your children..share it…that would be a small but worthy contribution!
Thx Matthias!


only avialable till the 15th June on Youtube – watch it!

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