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June 13th, 2009 // 3 Comments // Posted by Matthias

His name Paul Neave –  interactive designer of Neave.com. Hes been using Flash for over 10 years both with Neave.com and for design agencies in Manchester and London, and has been making computers do silly things for even longer.

Paul explains Neave.com as his personal interactive playground; a place where he can explore his ideas and try out risky experiments that he wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to make anywhere else.  He often spend his days pointing and gazing in wonder at the world around him, Neave.com allows him to turn his daydreams into reality.

Really tricky interactive site – check out the Television part, this is entertainment, like it!


www.neave.com on twitter

text is partly taken from the about section

3 Comments to www.neave.com by Paul Neave

the strobe is FUCKING TERRIFIC!


pfff don´t try this on d***s! after 30 secs in strobe mode my desk started to move in my direction.. :D


hola bluga

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