Synesthesia by Terri Timely

July 7th, 2009 // 1 Comment // Posted by Lukas

Synesthesia by Terri Timely is a portrait of two brother’s and their surreal experiences as they explore their Synesthesia (wikipedia link) – the ability associate sounds with tastes, colors, letters, numbers or even people. The aesthetics of this short-movie are impressive…

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1 Comment to Synesthesia by Terri Timely

AAKay (Yes, Kay IS my real name also)A person cnanot unscramble eggs. I am a mom who has struggled a lot with adult kids blaing me for thing, some valid gripes and some not. Parents are not The Higher Power. They are fellow human beings on a journey called Life amd you are a have been an important partof theirs, with abilities, and frailties just like youself. Hopefully you can turn it over to your Higher Power. In AA we say. Let go and let God .

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