Cityclouds pres. DJ Xelow

September 9th, 2009 // 7 Comments // Posted by Benny

Cityclouds proudly presents dj Xelow with a new promo mix.

Mister Holger Burwitz, commonly known as Bürgi, because his old man was the “Bürgermeister” (mayor) of his hometown, comes out of the boondocks into the capital city. Berlin is only a stop, the world is next and who knows what will come afterwards!?!

This guy is hot like fire. Fire? Napalm! Party promoters, he is the man of power! When he twists the knobs chicks go crazy, hips will burn, people flabbergasted, sweat dropping from the ceilings of the clubs with him releasing his monster tunes!

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

Xelow – Promo September 2009 by dj xelow

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7 Comments to Cityclouds pres. DJ Xelow

hot shit!!!!


great stuff!!!


das perlt wie ouzo und sambuca gleichzeitig!


RocknRoll! gefällt mir ;)


در 3:52 pmسعیده میگوید:man in masalaro ba hasaarmm matrah kardam shokre khoda ihsun manteghi barkhord kard va goft ke sedaghat barash mohemtare

#Kasia, plaża cudna, a wiklinowe jajko idealne na drzemkę :)A zdjęcie tak "profesjonalnie" zrobione, że wyglądam na kilka kilo mniej :) ale dziękuję za komplement :)

Piotr, ten case też trochę pokazuje, że Google Analytics to coraz mniej wiarygodne źródło danych przez not provided. Na innych frazach zazwyczaj pierwsze miejsce ma zbliżony rząd wielkości CTR

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