Glitch: Designing Imperfection

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Ever heard of a Glitch? I´ve been intrigued by the fact that design imperfection might be a source of inspiration. Since i´ve seen more and more intentional and accidental design “glitches” i do think that this is justified…and find myself more and more capable of appreciating these imperfections.

Now there is a book out and this is what i found on “Cool Hunting” about it:

“The result of a technological malfunction, the visual glitch is generally an unwelcome visitor—a digital artifact representing error. But when viewed in their own right, seemingly randomized visual abstractions become fascinating designs that represent a unique hybrid of human intention and mechanical failure.

Recently released by Mark Batty Publishers, “Glitch: Designing Imperfection” examines these errors as works of art and explores their geneses. The editors culled more than 200 glitch images from the various artists who created them, both by accident and experiment. The striking visuals are interspersed with interviews conducted with artists Angela Lorenz, Johnny Rogers, Kim Cascone, Ant Scott and O.K. Parking. “Glitch” also leads off with particularly illuminating essays by Norwegian artist Per Platou and designer/author Iman Moradi.

Observed through the lens of a handsome coffee table book, the amassed images garner a deeper appreciation for the digital fluke and make a convincing case for accidents as source of inspiration.”

Here are some page samples of what you can expect in the Book:


Some ways to create  screen art and to achieve “glitch-like” effects, mostly of uncontrollable nature and with random output, are rather strange. A clip i found via todayandtomorrow (a good source for this matter and who btw announced the book in January 2009 already) was entertaining, in a strange way… A performance called % SRC by Jodi. Watch this!


Since i spend most of my time in front of a machine, i had glitch effects myself. I did work a lot on a PC in my Life, but never got any glitch effects on a Windows system. Working on a mac i had the pleasure to get some very colourful effects. These  where graphics card failure i reckon:


And this is the result of my most recent glitch due to a monitor breakdown at work, as a animated gif:


via coolhunting and markbattypublisher

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