Analog Photography by Michael Meinhardt

October 28th, 2009 // No Comments // Posted by Matthias

Nowadays in the digital age of entertainment people decreasingly work with analog techniques. Sure there are many reasons to do it like that- for instance, lower price of digital technology, don’t need an education to work with and the most important think you can work with an computer to handle. So everyone who tried to adjust an analog synthesizer or take photos with a SLR camera on film will notice the difference between analog and digital. Its a question of know-how.

Today i want you to introduce a little bit about the work of our dude and Berlin based analog photographer Michael Meinhardt. He’s one of these oldschoolers. I like the look of the raw analog pictures a lot. An atmosphere you wont get with digital cameras without using photoshop. Even if you use it you will not get this unique look made by film and developing liquids.

This is a little collection of my favorites shots you can find on his profile on FotoCommunity.

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