Audiovisual Mapping by Telenoika

October 16th, 2009 // No Comments // Posted by Matthias

Telenoika Cultural Association was founded on February 2000. It is a non-profit organization and intends to provide a platform for new artistic, social and cultural experiments through new audio+visual technologies. Telenoia’s definition by Roy Ascott describes the critical and connected soul of Telenoika, projecting how TV is affecting the society we are living in and how we reject it to open and share our minds in global networked connectivity.

The latest work by Telenoika is the Audiovisual Mapping @ the Jard√≠ Theater facade on the first edition of Ingravid Festival in Figueres (ES) 9/2009. Firsttime i saw it i get these incredible possibility’s you could create with such an mapping of sound and light-projection, very impressive.

Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ Ingravid Festival, Figueres 9/2009 [FULL] from Telenoika on Vimeo.

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