Dan Tobin Smith – Still Life Photography

October 1st, 2009 // 1 Comment // Posted by Lukas

Dan Tobin Smith does some amazing Installations for Still Life Photography. As you can see there is almost no Photoshop involved and these Pics require a massive effort. See lots more on his website, where he shows some impressive ads for clients like sony, visa or the new album cover of the hip hop artist Jay Z. I love the colors and intensity of these..Letter Y is my favourite and in the same time the most recent one (dated September 2009).

Letter Y. September 2009  Letter Y. September 2009
Letter K. February 2009 Letter K. February 2009
Letter V. April 2008. Letter V. April 2008.
Creative Review Annual 2007 Creative Review Annual 2007

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1 Comment to Dan Tobin Smith – Still Life Photography

WICKED!!! I love the 3-D Typo Installations, where you need to stand in a specific position to see or recognise the wohle letter. The play with your perception when you see the letter frm a different view what your mind try to see.
Axel Peemöller made a great Typo installation in a underground car park with big letters.

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