Skate & Create Contest 2009 by Transworld Skateboarding

October 23rd, 2009 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

As a former skateboarding addict i couldnt miss to post this. Transworld Skateboarding organized the Skate & Create Contest for the second time this year and the results are quite appealing. I always really enjoyed watching skateboarding videos back in the days and most of them are well edited. One of my favourite and a legendary skateboarding movie is Yeah Right! by Girl Skateboards. It had a part where they had painted their boards green to make a green screen effect and achieve an effect of invisible skateboards. Watch a youtube version here (couldnt find it with the original song). The full Girl video is here (the invisible boards scene starts at 56:43) .

So whats the Skate & Create contest about? Simple in a way: 1 Warehouse, 4 Teams, 1 Set of obstacles. And a lot of creativity to make something unique out of it.

Here are my 2 favourites:

This one is the best one in my opinion – “DVS -Wood” . Asthetics, music and editing are really good and make you want to watch this until the end (plus some amazing tricks).

Directed by Colin Kennedy, Music by Air Castles.

And the winner of the contest was Etnies with “The Legend of Boxton Square”. A dream and cardboard boxes :

Directed by Mike Manzoori

Be sure check out the behind scenes part of “DVS Wood”. Good to see how they did this.

Other Entries where C1RCA Broken Dreams and DC In the City. If you like this kind of stuff, they are definitely worth watching.

found this via hope/glory blog

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