Street Art in Melbourne – Fitzroy

October 8th, 2009 // 1 Comment // Posted by Andrea

The area Fitzroy in Melbourne is likewise famous for its alternative szene like the szene of Friedrichshain in Berlin. And often I was told that both citys are quite similar. So I was interested how streetart covers this szene. What I discovered, sometimes with luck and sometimes with the help of structured search for the untouched and secret places, is shown in my collages. I found for example stencils from Dolk, „Imperial Walker“, „I am your father“ and “R2D2″ and „Zebras“ from Plush. Very exiting!

stencil art-fitzroy



faces graffiti fitzroy


1 Comment to Street Art in Melbourne – Fitzroy

This is great stuff! Thanks for giving us some insight into the Street Art scene in Melbourne..and good to have you back, Andrea!

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