A glimpse of Street Art in Lisbon

November 10th, 2009 // 1 Comment // Posted by Lukas


I am currently in Portugal and went for a nice walk in a part of Lisbon called Alfama. Being the oldest part of Lisbon it is also a very touristic one..still, if you keep your eyes open there are some nice details of urban art to be found. I like the aesthetics of the old buildings, the mix of cobbles and steep stairsets .

So here are some pictures i made during my walk. I am looking forward to look for more at Bairro Alto next Saturday.
Let me know what you think.



iconnelioeipgraffitimixedmixed2The meaning of these 2:
–  Semeia Ideias, colhe Revolucoes:  “Sow ideals and harvest revolutions”
– Nada de nosso temos senao o tempo, de que gozam justamente aqueles que nao tem paradeiro: “We have nothing for ourselves unless time, which is enjoyed by the ones who never stop.”


1 Comment to A glimpse of Street Art in Lisbon

Yeah! I like it, there are some really nice pieces and I prefere the 4th.
I love the composition of the old architecture and the modern forms and lines of the street art. It shows the background of art during the different eras. And it is great to see that there is a symbiosis between the different styles from the past and from today.

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