Nomad “Rainbow Coloured Tears of a Clown”

November 6th, 2009 // No Comments // Posted by Andrea
nomad Nomad_Efly_ohne

Nomad is opening his newest solo show, ‘Rainbow Coloured Tears of a Clown‘, at the CircleCulture Gallery. The gallery had a lot of nice things to say to us about the art, the artist, and this exhibition, but I think his flyer sums it up perfectly.

He is showing us that he his talented in a lot of various art styles. He became famous with his streetart. Especially as Mr. Friendly and his messages on rubbish bins. But in his exhibition he tells us about the history of art, in his personal way of expression.But of course street art elements are not missing.

The Opening reception was on october 30, 2009. The show is up through Jan. 9th.

Gipsstraße 11.

for more information check out:


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