Impress – a flexible touchpad by Silke Hilsing

December 5th, 2009 // No Comments // Posted by Philipp

Silke Hilsing invented an impressive technic. A flexible touchpad allows the user to create 3-Dimensional spaces to fill up with sound-bowles, easy switch between news and some more. With an up-projektion the result get projected on the top of the soft touchpad.

The impress has 4 kinds of applications.
Application 1: You can put objects in motion and make them sound differently by deforming the surface. Draw a new object with different radius and pitch depending on the intensity of pressure.
Application 2 + 3: Modelling a 3D-object by lower or higher intensity of pressure at any desired position. After Modeling, save the result and compare it with other results in a 3D gallery. Fly and zoom through the gallery by putting more or less pressure onto the display.
Application 4: Squeeze out latest news (RSS-Feeds of different news agencies).
It is an very interessting technic. I think the video explains it very well.

impress – flexible display from Silke Hilsing on Vimeo

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