MUSA: Portuguese Design Collective

December 20th, 2009 // No Comments // Posted by Andrea

I’d like to indroduce you to MusaCollective. I found these guys  in the IdN 15th Anniversary Edition, where you can find 250 highly talented creators who have collaborated-sharing their thoughts on the past; and their visions of the future.

And I thought maybe one of our authors, Lukas, is interested in their work. He is currently visiting his homeland Portugal, staying in Lisbon. Maybe he knows these Designers.

MusaCollective was formed in 2003 by Raquel Viana, Paulo Lima and Ricardo Alexandre, a Lisbon-based collective of graphic designers. Musa works with as many aspects of design as possible, from artistic/experimental to commercial. The first headline-making event that the collective was involved in was the “MusaTour” in 2004, in support of the MusaBook project, the first Portuguese emergent graphic-design book ever compiled, published by IdN.

For more inspirations visit their website

MUSA Tour, Hello World

Nothing Last Forever Book

Musa Book

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