The amazing Animations of Adam Pesapane (PES)

December 5th, 2009 // 1 Comment // Posted by Lukas

Adam Pesapane is a 35 year old digital artist based in New York City.  PES doesn’t like being called an animator. “It’s very limiting,” says the 30 year old self-professed storyteller, director and artist from New Jersey. He uses objects from our daily life and animates them with stop-motion..combined with the right soundtrack there is an amazing outcome. No doubt that his work reminds me a bit of the movies of Jan Swankmajer i posted some time ago. Even if there is no “claymotion” involved and not as surrealistic.

No doubt PES has his own style though. Genius!
See lots more on his youtube channel or on his website

Here are some of my favourites Shorts:

Western Spaghetti (most recent one)

Roof Sex


Kaboom! by PES from DESIGNSPOTTER TV on Vimeo.

Pee Nut

And he does Short shorts! My selection:

Prank Call



1 Comment to The amazing Animations of Adam Pesapane (PES)

Verdammt großes Kino!

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