Bass Music Mix 15 by Skyence

January 13th, 2010 // 5 Comments // Posted by Lukas

And yet another great dubstep mix. The guys at bass music are really doing a great job. Plenty of good sound over there. Skyence played around with lots of styles and tempos, all properly mixed! I really like the diversity of this one. Check out the Skyence Interview and lots of more bass stuff here. Well worth checking out btw.

Bass Music Mix 15 – Skyence by bassmusic

01 Throwing Snow – In My Minds Eye (with Jesse Moncrieff)
02 Backdraft – Headcharge (Eskmo Remix)
03 Jamie Vex’d – Saturn
04 Swede:art – Wonkycarz
05 Robot Koch – Hard To Find
06 PANTyRAiD – Headcase
07 Portformat – Knock Knock (feat. Bless1)
08 Dabrye feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat – Game Over
09 Julien Dyne – Stained Glass Fresh Frozen (feat. Mara TK)
10 Synth Fiction – Nuke
11 Foamo – Wardance (Raffertie Remix feat. Shiftee Moova)
12 Skyence – Not Me
13 Floating Points – Love Me Like This (Nonsense Dub)
14 Modeselektor – Happy Birthday
15 Alien Pimp & Ikkaku – Neutro (Skyence Remix)
16 Common – Universal Mind Control
17 Two Fingers – Whatuknowabout (feat. Sway)
18 Nitrada – Fading Away (Apparat Remix)
19 Timo Maas – Slip In Electrokid
20 Skyence feat. Tanvi Rao – Stuck In Time

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5 Comments to Bass Music Mix 15 by Skyence

such a positive song . envryoee gon’ respect the shooter but The One in front of the gun lives forever. Pac Popped in my head immediately. They aren’t meant to correlate, but they definitely do to me. Kendrick Lamar Is Indeed a Fucking Genius .Love this guy. Shouts to Rock as well. Did his thing TDEAT

I noticed that too. At the end of the end cartoon it’s like a half second screen with a whole orange background and locked levels. Went through three times to see if I could catch anything but don’t see any writing.

Your series posts on twitter are a great resource no matter if you are a newbie or experienced twitter user. A chance to refresh everyone’s frame of mind about twitter is wonderful. Thanks, Nina!

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