Miss Bugs- Fresh Stuff “Cut Out And Fade Out”

February 22nd, 2010 // No Comments // Posted by Andrea

The Street Art Artist Miss Bugs embellished the street of London with her new work. These life sized female figures are melting with the background of the streets. She is questioning the visibility  of woman of the modern society.

Miss Bugs is famous for her pop imagery minted and inspired by Action Heros, Comic firgures and models. Her intension to use these Symbols of Society:” They are such strong iconic figures, each with a set of values good and bad, they send an immediate message making them powerful images to play with.” But she is not using matarials from familiar mainstream figures known by the publicity. What seems to have gotten street art fans in a froth is that Miss Bugs is not using old campy print advertisements or bits of classic paintings as reference; rather, it is that the work is using very recent and pretty well-known pieces of Street Art in the Street Art.

Miss Bugs website

And here some old stuff dony by Miss Bugs

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