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I decided to share some of the tunes i´ve been finding across the web these days and that i´m really into.  Regular readers of the blog may have realized that dubstep, 2-step and the UK and US bass sounds really work for me. The smooth and deep atmosphere found in some of the chilled dubstep tracks is unique to me in electronic music and the melancholic feel to the burial-like sounds is great, specially for this time of the year in northern europe. On the other hand the new garage and 2-step sounds being produced have a really fresh and funky feel to them…So some of this stuff is reallly groovy and danceable, and some ist just to lean back and think about the last time you´ve felt sand and salt-water between your toes. And it should not forget to mention that most of these tracks are recent but that im just posting stuff i like without wanting to present the freshest sounds around. Big up!

(Note: If some of the soundcloud players are not working properly please follow the link on the bottom. It will work on the soundcloud page)


The first  2 tracks are from Sbtrkt. First one is a remix by Sbtrkt from MJ Cole´s track “Sanctuary” released originally in 1999. I listened to MJ Cole for many years and i think this remix works great for the new directions garage is going. The second is dubstep but goes for smooth danceable rythm (forthcoming on Brainmath Rec in March/April 2010). Sbtrkt is a London based producer..have a eye on him!

MJ Cole – Sanctuary (Sbtrkt Remix) by sbtrkt
SBTRKT – 2020 by sbtrkt

Shortstuff & Brackles

Third track ist from Shortstuff & Brackles, 2 producers based in south england. A future garage track, really nice melody and vibe. Shortstuff´s myspace is here, and Brackles here.
This track was released on the Compilation “
Fabric Presents Elevator Music: Vol. 1″ in February 2010.


I did a post on Sepalcure 2 weeks ago and this is still really worth including as i just posted a DJ mix by Praveen and introduced the project. 2 great tracks found on their soundcloud.
Great “lovestep” as they like to call it. New York City based…i´m excited about this project.

Deep City Insects by sepalcure

Feeling That I Know So Well by sepalcure


Rumblejazz based in South London is a producer who started his musical life with the sax making mostly jazzy tunes. Since the last year he´s been producing electronic music(via). The 2 tracks i included really have their own feel and style. Check his soundcloud for more tunes. I like!

Time It Take by Rumblejazz

Nixon by Rumblejazz

James Blake

Mr. Blake does very smart music in my opinion. Another musician who firstly had an approach through classical instruments and that is not in the biz for long. As read on Pitchfork: “James Blake– and Mount Kimbie, and Blake’s Hemlock Recordings friends– are worth listening to: wooly electronic daydreams with a distinctly handmade feel.” So here follow 2 tracks i really enjoy listening to. Mount Kimbie follows..

Mount Kimbie

Probably my favourite among all of these melancholic electronic daydream sounds. The plinks and pops, the synth lines..shape to something weird, but incredibly good. Some of the best i discovered in 2009. Looking forward for more and i really hope they can repeat something like the Maybes / Sketch on Glass EP´s. So here´s “Maybes” from Mount Kimbie. Amazing track.

Eleven Tigers

To finish this, a nice atmospheric song by Eleven Tigers formed by Jokubas Dargis.

Dwell in Night (feat. Ben Duff) by eleventigers

Well, thats it for now. Thanks for reading and i just realized that most of this artists are from the south of england. Thats where its coming from really, but i´ll try to get more diversity into it next time.
Hope you enjoy the tunes. Support the Artists, buy music.

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