Brendon Moeller at – Nov. 1st 2010

November 5th, 2010 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

Brendon Moeller ist known for his eclectic taste, great productions and shows it once again. This epic set has a length off over 4hrs and appearently went on even longer, as his recording device ran out of batteries. It includes a vast selection of artists going from vladislav delay, dorian concept, lone, king tubby, calibre, stereolab, harmonic 313, gang star, lou rawls, the orb, tribe called quest, einsturzende neubaten, suicide, lee perry, ian dury, deep chord, the specials, jimi hendrix, the commodores, inxs,modeselektor, steely dan and more.

I haven´t heard such a eclectic selection in one mix for long, if not to say never. A real trip. Dear Brendon, thank you!

DJ set at on Nov. 1st 2010 by brendonmoeller

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