Conor Harrington

November 17th, 2010 // No Comments // Posted by Andrea

Conor’s from Cork in Ireland. His work is an incredibly successful collusion between ‘fine’ art and ‘street’ techniques. His work is a result of both worlds, the streets and the classical, or the informal and the formal. He is a figurative painter and he always choose masculinity as his subject.
For me it is, how the world is like, sometimes you see things so clear, it is understandable, things make sense and then there is just one happening, like a brushstroke of his paintings a swoosh in your mind, and everything, which seemed to be in a clear picture before is now blurred and destroyed. We live an abstract life of strange happenings, but after a while if we look back to our live, we can see a pattern. And even if his work looks so chaotic, you can see a system, a beautiful pattern, like our lives. His work is paradoxical, so is our. It is like most of the people feel – always between two decisions or two lines. I really like this guy. He is one of my favorite artists.

If you wanna know more visit his blog

Here you can find an interview about his studio work.

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