Paul Kalkbrenner 2010: A Live Documentary.

November 12th, 2010 // 1 Comment // Posted by Lukas

Alright..this might be my first and last Paul Kalkbrenner post.. i tell you why:
I did like his music before, but can´t really listen to it anymore since it turned so mainstream.
Mister Kalkbrenner ist flying high since “Berlin Calling” and this documentary probably is the “icing” on the cake. So i must say that i got less and less interested in his music due to his massive success. Some people i know that don´t have anything to do with electronic music would be totally into his stuff without any clue about all the other great music out there. And everybody would be so enthusiastic and convinced that he was really living the life they had seen in the movie. Icarus on stage.. it was a little tiring..

But Mr. Kalkbrenner is really bringing some good techno to a massive audience, and for that alone, full respect!
In a way this proves that music turns more accessible with the right emotional side-effects caused by a movie, the story of a city or a dj. Kalkbrenner turned into a superstar.. and i just wonder where this ends and what kind of music he will be producing in the next years. So, im looking forward to see some behind the scenes footage, his trips around the globe to the massive venues, and to see him perform..Go Kalkbrenner!

Don´t believe the hype! :-)

Paul Kalbrenner 2010: A Live Documentary DVD trailer from Resident Advisor on Vimeo.

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1 Comment to Paul Kalkbrenner 2010: A Live Documentary.

expresses exactly wha I think!
Even ma motha is listen to pk … kind of argument for commercial cannibalisation: ramification of pk-phenomenon reaches already mid-50ies beyond the clubscene. woah!
my excitement is asleep. wha a pity…

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