Isolée – Well spent youth

February 14th, 2011 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

After six years, Isolée released his third album on Dj Koze´s Pampa Records in January 2011. There is an interesting part in the album description on Pampa Records Soundcloud:

“But it’s an equal pleasure to play this album at home on your living room system. Especially when you feel sick and useless, unfit for anything other than the contemplation of your screwed-up life. Throw on the record and let the sound reach out a warm, safe hand, pull you out of the whole damn mess.”

Luckily most of us probably won´t have to throw on this record to contemplate a screwed-up life, but instead just enjoy good music with a life that we are very privileged to live. Enjoy..

PAMPACD001 – Isolée – Well Spent Youth by Pampa Records

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