Transmediale 2011 – Face Visualizer by Daito Manabe

February 8th, 2011 // 3 Comments // Posted by Lukas

© Jonathan Gröger / transmediale

Daito Manabe came to Berlin to perform with his face visualizer i posted about before. Unluckily i missed the performance and i´m glad i found the video of his performance over at todayandtomorrow.

“The Face Visualizer is a tool which lets people’s faces move artificially in sync with music through electroshocks produced with the Max/MSP programming platform.”

Simply amazing work.

via todayandtomorrow

3 Comments to Transmediale 2011 – Face Visualizer by Daito Manabe

I have seen a perfromance like this 1997 at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria by the artist Artur elsenaar


Nice. I prefer the modern approach with music though.
I read that Daito Manabe´s work is also inspired by Stelarc – also from about that time and presented at Ars Electronica. (via


Thanks for the link! I didn’t know Elsenaar’s and Scha’s work. The question you raise about the way tnhigs re-appear is really interesting – and often has strange answers. E.g.I made a work once which I later discovered to have been a continuation of another work which I knew but didn’t remember at the time of creation. Another issue is the accessibility – Manabe’s work was made “for” YouTube – and it got over a million views in very little time. Which is why I discovered it on a blog. The other work seens to have been presented as a one-channel video installation (?) at an art fair. Which clearly limits the access to the selected few (while giving more prestige to the work and the author). It is an interesting choice artists face today.I would suppose Daito Manabe knew Face Shift – after all, it’s a small milieu. And his test, as he calls it, seems to be more complex and precise (although this might be the different quality and scope of the two recordings).In any case, thank you very much for pointing out that reference!

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