MINDLAB.04 – Mindwaves Music presents THE EBERTBROTHERS

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MINDLAB.04 // 22.04.2011 – The SUSTEN PASS Album Release by THE EBERTBROTHERS

I highly can recommend this event, live and totally mind blasting electronica tunes for your synapses. Music, noises and tones which let your cells vibrate in frequencies, you haven’t experienced before. It is music for your brain not for you feet, and if you close your eyes, your soul is dancing.

Hope to see you there in Berlin in the CHEZ JACKI (Maria am Ostbahnhof) next to the Spree river on the 22th of April.

On facebook you can find out more about this event and get detailed information about the artists and if you want to know more about the label mindlab, click this link.

Rumpistol another great artist playing at this party.

Line up:

PEVERELIST – Punch Drunk Records, UK // soundcloud
POINT B [live] – Combat Recordings, UK // point b
RUMPISTOL [live] – Rump Recordings, DK // soundcloud
MIMICOF [live] – Progressive Form, JP // soundcloud
THE EBERTBROTHERS [live+Visual]  – Mindwaves Music, DE // soundcloud

DJ support by:
AXIOM – Crazy Language, DE // crazy-language

taken from the facebook event page :


Over the past few years, Tom “Peverelist” Ford has been pushing the dubstep envelope.
As a result, he’s become somewhat of a poster boy for the so-called “dubstep-techno crossover”—something he’s not altogether happy with.
As the manager of the aforementioned record shop, Rooted Records, he’s been pushing the dubstep sound in Bristol since its early days, as well as incorporating it into his DJ sets at his friend (and now housemate) Pinch’s catalytic Context and Subloaded events.
In 2006, his position at the shop gave him an insight into the growing pool of producers the city had to offer, and he set up his Punch Drunk label with the sole intention of releasing music by Bristol-based dubstep artists.
Ten singles on, Punch Drunk has steadily forged a reputation for putting out some of the most forward-thinking bass-oriented music around today. [Richard Carnes, RA]



Since 2003 Rumpistol has released 3 albums plus a whole bunch of remixes of acts like Efterklang, System, Analogik & I Got You On Tape.
He also runs his own label Rump Recordings and does music for TV, theater, films and games.
Rumpistol has performed live at festivals and venues all over Europe as well as in Mexico, China and Russia and has created live soundtracks and appeared in various improvised setups, often on guitar.
In 2010 he was nominated for the Qwartz Electronic Music Award in the Discovery category for his album “Dynamo”.
«Rum» is the Danish word for space or room, which seems fitting for Rumpistol’s music, in which the elements stay ambient like walls in a room – creating a space in between where their ghostly traces play with one another.



Point B is the creation of writer and producer Richard Bultitude.The sound he has perfected over the last 7 years is a slick, textured, bass rich take on Dubstep/2-step.
Fans of his electronic peers such as Burial, Autechre and Tipper will find this potent brew infused with reflection and bittersweet calm.
Having established himself with Erratica & Orson Records he quickly found himself appearing alongside Boom Bip, Nathan Fake and Squarepusher on Time Out’s massive The other side:London compilation.
Live shows put him on rosters with the likes of Tim Exile and Andrew Weatherall at events across Europe.



A musician, composer, sound artist and producer born in Kyoto and now based in Berlin, Midori Hirano aka MimiCof has been playing music since the age of five.
Her productions are augmented with often subtle electronic processing and digital samples creating a rich, rolling sound that is at once warm and melodic while tracing unexpected musical trajectories.
She is going to release her new album from PROGRESSIVE FOrM label in this late spring.



The Ebertbrothers are Axel and Michael Ebert, an artist/composer duo living and working in Berlin.
They started to collaborate in 2006, first creating video art pieces, then moving more towards a combination of visual&sound performances, which is now their main focus. So far they self-released several live recordings, an album and an EP.
On stage the Ebert Brothers perform with an ever evolving set of synths, drummachines and software, creating soundscapes that shift between noise, melancholy, mangled beats and wide spaces.
The intense musical collage is accompanied by visuals that attempt to break out from the traditional VJ-style offerings.
During a year of gigs throughout Europe in 2010 they refined and extended their sonic palette.
“Susten Pass” their new album [out in may on Mindwaves Music] will showcase the broad range of composition skills, featuring both detailed, micro-edited studio tracks and raw, performance-inspired landscapes of sound.


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