Uphigh Collective

December 4th, 2011 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

Last night i discovered the Uphigh Collective. A group of musicians from Belgium making tunes that as they say are: “Razor-sharp pieces of future soul, boppin’ from the deceptively light and skippy to whirlpool synthlines and hydraulic sub pressure. All trademarked by a signature lick of R&B gloss and sunken subs with ultra-sparse rhythm architecture”. I was quite impressed by their song “Blend”, which is performed live in a Brussels based radiostation and sung by DELV!S (check below). Amazing voice and definitely worth sharing again, although this stuff is already a year old. Strange enough, some tracks don’t have many views/plays on youtube or soundcloud. And let’s not forget to mention the label that is releasing some of their stuff: On-Point Records, rooted on vinyl culture and putting out lots of other great tunes. I really like the vibe.. big up Uphigh Collective!

Uphigh Collective – Blend – Live on Studio Brussel from On-Point TV on Vimeo.

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