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Robert Henke - Monolake

On the 29th of February 2012, a date which appears only every 4 years, Robert Henke alias Monolake started his tour “The Ghosts in Surround Tour 2012″ at the Berghain in Berlin. –> To get all the dates check his official Website.

I was there and not surprised, because he was exiting and awesome as always in all his very different shapes of his musical expressions.He is talented in many ways and has the motivation and ability to explain and share his experimental sound journeys and researches to the student of the UDK in Berlin.

He has the talent to mix sounds and noises like colors on a canvas in 4-D. He is experimenting and inspiring the music scene with his technology output and execution. But he never forgets his audience on the dancefloor. I want to describe him as an artist, who not only produces for himself, but also for the people, who have fun listening to his music and enjoying his performances. Live on stage he wants to push the boundaries and puts the perception on a higher level. During his studies and researches he came in touch with the wave field synthesis. A sound phenomenon I was experiences myself last year in the TU University of Berlin

I only can tell you how I experienced it, if I would grab deeper, it would blast this post, so if you are furher interested and want to get more technical detailed information click here.
I was sitting in the auditorium of the TU Berlin, who has the largest system for the wave field synthesis, world wide. The light were turned of and Robert Henke started to play his very individual sound patterns. But this time it was different, it was different in 2000 and 832 ways. He transfered the sound from one speaker to another, 2000 to choose and 832 audio channels to activate. So the sound started to walk in the room, freely. The abstract, but physically tones sourrounded me, sometimes very close or far far away, finding me, always trying to catch the sound and localising it. It was an experience everybody should have, who loves to interact and experiment with the surrounding not only in visual habits but also in the acoustical ranges of human senses.

Sounds from his new Album “Ghosts” –>

On live concerts he simulates the feeling of the moving sound as it is described here:  “As a live performer one does not rely on stereo sources, but can construct a scenario where certain important elements are distributed to four or more individual channels if the PA supports it. This opens dramatic possibilities for creating a concert experience beyond the DJ setup. And beyond home listening, too.”
quote from his site.

For me he is one of the most significant persons for the development of experimental music, he is sharing, living and producing his own sound patterns, which opens you new fields of perceptions and inspires us to feel and touch the music simultaneously in sound dimension in which we have never think of, they could have existed on a dancefloor. I hope the audio technology finds a way to show us how varied and unique a musical experience on a dancefloor can be. One Event I always bring up at this point is the CTM Festival in Berlin. I look forward to see more of these Events and re-experience live music.

I really recommend to have a deeper look on his website, which gives detailed informations about his work and recent projects, like hereInstallations

Sounds from his new Album “Ghosts” –>

Monolake’s visual Hand is Tarik Barri during his concert.

If you are more interested in his person, check this

Both of them are performing together behind a big screen projected in the front with the visual art work from Tarik. In this video you get an impression of the symbioses and harmony between the sounds of Monolake and the visual output of the audiovisual composer Tarik Barri.

The Existence of Time from Tarik Barri on Vimeo.

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