OneBeat Experimental Sessions#3 feat. “Wermonster as Eugénie” LIVE, 13.04, 21h

April 11th, 2012 // 7 Comments // Posted by Lukas

OneBeat Experimental Session 3 with Wermonster as Eugenie

Friday, the 13th of April, OneBeat’s experimental session goes into the third round. They invited Wermonster, the notorious psychedelic beat maker to perform a improvised live set under a new project name called “Eugénie”. He won’t be playing his usual live-set, instead this time we’ll go down to drone, noise & ambient.

is a new musical project 
It´s named after one of the characters in Sade´s “La philosophie dans le boudoir”
I play the guitar, the sp404, the sp303 and other stuffs.
There´s no beat.
There´s no sequencer.
It sometimes sounds Drone, sometimes Ambient or Noise, sometimes all at the same time.
It´s an experiment.
It keeps evolving…”

More about Wermonster:

Joao Cocteau
Kienitzer Straße 98 
Facebook RSVP  Start 21h

7 Comments to OneBeat Experimental Sessions#3 feat. “Wermonster as Eugénie” LIVE, 13.04, 21h

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