My name is Lukas. At my daytime job i help building the internet. I love music in general and sometimes write about the things it makes me feel. Sometimes i play music for other people. I am also running a non-profit music project called OneBeat.

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Andrea was born in Berlin. She was always looking for the artistic rounding since she learned holding a pen in her childhood. With 17 she began to get aware of her addiction for drawing and painting on linen. One year later she joined a creative decoration team from Berlin and travelled with them around Germany.

Her passion for Graphic Design developed 5 years ago, during her studies.

After leaving the Design School as a Communication Designer, she decided to visit Australia and Indonesia. Travelling gave her the inspirations to widen her creative spirit and to live out the hedonistic culture with joyful experimentalism.

Now back in Berlin, she is working in an internship at DDB Berlin.

Facebook : andrea.c.herrmann<at>gmx<dot>de

This Blog is discontinued…

We're no longer generating content for Cityclouds. Consider it an archive for great things a group of Berliners found on the web and elsewhere from 2008 to 2012. The future is bright...