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Alex Trochut

December 11th, 2009 // 1 Comment // Posted by Andrea

So, get lifted by this guy from Spain, currently living in Barcelona. Alex Trochut is an independent designer and illustrator, who has design in his genes. I reckon he never draw childish pictures, when he was kid. His trees were almost a perfect copy of nature and when he wrote Mama the first time, he invented a new typography. Ok, jokes beside. I was mesmerized by his work and, in turn, I was engaged, surprised and touched by its variety and intensity. His Typography work is vivid and playful with intelligent patterns and merges with his illustration style. The phrase less is more becomes rightly useless in his interpretation of structures and compositions. Even though the work is so vivid, he found the pure form contained within itself.

His website link in your bookmark list is a must have >  Alex Trochut

Follow this link to read more information about him > It’s Nice That

Here some pieces of his Portfolio.


The Guardian G2. Cover Illustrations.



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