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Alias Exhibition in Berlin / Amateur Magazine

November 5th, 2010 // 1 Comment // Posted by Andrea

Yesterday, I visited the vernissage of Alias , his first solo show in the west berlin gallery.
It’s always a happening to see how street art can be transfered from the streets in a small room. His work is spreaded all over berlin and always very catchy and emotional. Sometimes it is like the stencils of him find you and not the other way  round.

Since 2003 ALIAS lives in Berlin he has developed a unique street-art approach, becoming an important protagonist of this vivid urban art scene. But today he is on his way to Wendland to stop the castor transport.

But the real cause of this posting is a story behind the exhibition. I found this great magazine on the table and was really into it. It’s new on the flooded market, but they definitely have an eye for good work and artists. It’s the finest selection.

You can find the online version at ISSUU and the latest news at Amateur Magazine

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