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“Panzer” by Nik Nowak

September 29th, 2011 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

Berlin-based artist Nik Nowak built this mind-boggling Soundtank which he simply calls “Panzer”. It is based on a japanese miniature tracked dumper, equipped with around 4 KW and ready to host live-acts on the rearside.
Check more of Nik’s work based on auditory installations on his website


Folktek – the art of sound

August 17th, 2011 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

harmonic field

A friend of mine recently posted a video of the “Harmonic Field ver.2″ which is the instrument featured below and above. I had to know who builds these things and there you go: Folktek. The artist duo builds lots of these experimental instruments in families. The different families combine different approaches to manipulate sounds, such as sound from accoustic sources, delay/looping/echo or actually the electricity that runs through humans. The Harmonc Field Instrument, for example, closes a circuit of electricity that comes through the human body and is therefore played by touch and with something that runs through us.

Here’s what they say about themselves:

Folktek is an artist collaborative formed by Arius Blaze and Ben Houston and coming to include the video and digital works of Drew Mcyntire (Big Pauper, Token Recluse Records). Folktek is folks, specifically artists working with a passion for sound as the basis for the work presented here.

We work with all arts and consider ourselves a part of a relatively underground movement of a second renaissance. We write books, bind books, work with wood, DJ, metalsmith, paint, sew, make lamps, music, ping pong paddles, boxes, digital instruments, film works, photography, sound art installations, masks and naturally we dance. Folktek is not a major company and we’re generally opposed to major corporation. These works are made by our hands and with our minds and incorporate years of study.

Check their website for lots of insight, inumerous instruments and images at
I would just love to be able to play around with these. Amazing work!

(an example on how to make music with one of these after the jump)
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Tonight: OneBeat meets FriKK Festival – 08.08.11 // 23h30

August 8th, 2011 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

I am very happy to announce that my non-profit music project OneBeat will be opening the first night of FriKK Festival 2011 , an 10 day art festival at Bethanien in Kreuzberg. The festival is going from the 8th of August until the 17th.
The Frikk Festival is a non-profit festival as all profit will be donated and directed towards the art scene.

Tonights lineup:
RTZ23 – DJ/VJ Live – 23:30 – 0:15
Wermonster – Live – 0:30 – 1:45
Maroq DJ – 2:00 – end

Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Mariannenplatz, Kreuzberg – im Südflügel.
(Not the new place at Kottbusser Damm).

The entry fee for the night will be 6€ (from 4 pm).
Come early, there’s an exhibition, theater and a burlesque performance before our the party.

Join the Facebook event at:

Find out more and listen to the artists on
Check out the Festival program at

Myeongbeom Kim – Surreal Appearances

March 28th, 2011 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

I love this stuff by Myeongbeom Kim!

Educated in South Korea and the United States, Myeongbeom Kim produces otherworldly installations and sculpture works that juxtapose man-made elements with nature to create surreal dream spaces. Utilising suspension as a common motif, his works are constantly poised in a state of ambiguous wonderment. Within his installations, living things are held inside the fragile confines of light bulbs and helium balloons replace tree foliage, literally uplifting the tree and its roots.
Although this breaking down of the boundaries between artificiality and nature would generally engender a sense of unease, conveying the decline of natural phenomenon at the hands of manufactured goods, from Kim’s artistic perspective there is a rather a peaceful coexistence of these two binary opposites. It is a beautiful thing to behold.

found at thefoxisblack.

New documentary: “How to sell a Banksy”.

January 27th, 2011 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

Check out the trailer below.. Hypebeast writes:

“Banksy’s work now reportedly changes hands for millions. But he puts up his street art for free. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got your hands on one of these? Does it mean you’ve found a winning lottery ticket or just scraped some worthless crap off a wall? Going up against the art establishments, critics, auction houses, gallery owners and authentication boards in a quest for the elusive meal ticket, two filmmakers unwittingly gatecrash the murky and protective world of Banksy. How to Sell a Banksy raises questions of ownership, authentication and the true value of art itself. Through all the chaos and incompetence comes a modern-day true story.”

via hypebeast

Illustration by Simon Prades

January 19th, 2011 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

Simón Prades is studying graphic design at the university of applied sciences in Trier. I really like his illustrations and drawings. A call to awareness of what is happening in the world is visible throughout his work. And we all need some more of that..

See more on his website or his blog. (The top drawing is a large-format related to Mexico).

The series “Three”

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Altered Zones

November 30th, 2010 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

Altered Zones is an international collective of music bloggers that unites 15 autonomous sites. Their aim is “to highlight one of the more overlooked narratives in contemporary music– the proliferation of home-recorded sounds, small-scale releases, and pockets of underground activity all over the world.” I check out new tracks and reviews on a regular basis and there is a lot to discover. I specially enjoyed the Halloween 2010 mix, which is in my playlist for some time now. A deep and melancholic mixtape with artists like James Blake, Forrest Swords, Beach House and Burial..winter music!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

right click and save source to download

(tracklist after the jump)

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Conor Harrington

November 17th, 2010 // No Comments // Posted by Andrea

Conor’s from Cork in Ireland. His work is an incredibly successful collusion between ‘fine’ art and ‘street’ techniques. His work is a result of both worlds, the streets and the classical, or the informal and the formal. He is a figurative painter and he always choose masculinity as his subject.
For me it is, how the world is like, sometimes you see things so clear, it is understandable, things make sense and then there is just one happening, like a brushstroke of his paintings a swoosh in your mind, and everything, which seemed to be in a clear picture before is now blurred and destroyed. We live an abstract life of strange happenings, but after a while if we look back to our live, we can see a pattern. And even if his work looks so chaotic, you can see a system, a beautiful pattern, like our lives. His work is paradoxical, so is our. It is like most of the people feel – always between two decisions or two lines. I really like this guy. He is one of my favorite artists.

If you wanna know more visit his blog

Here you can find an interview about his studio work.

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