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Inspiration Series II – 3 design blogs you should know about

December 1st, 2008 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

Its time to continue with my Inspiration Series. Again in english to be able to reach more users with my articles… Actually it might be quite confusing for the readers of this blog to have it mixed up in english and german. We have to decide what it is going to be..

Nevermind, thats not the subject of this post.

Surfing the web you will discover that there are many blogs referencing resources, tutorials, freebies and much more. Here are 3 i consider a good option to gather information and resources for your Work.

- – Design Observer – all aspects of design

- РSmashing Magazine  Рmore Web and Photoshop orientated

- – I love typography – all about typography

Any suggestions about other cool design blogs are welcome.

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