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August 10th, 2010 // 9 Comments // Posted by Benny


I guess the more musically inclined reader should know this dude.  Besides, being the producer of many Bob Marley and the Wailers records, Lee scratch Perry and Mad Professor where something like the inventors of psychedelic funk and helped the emergence of Reggae, Ska and of course Dub in Jamaica. There is a quote that I read that pretty much gets to the heart of it: „Lee „Scratch“Perry is the Salvador Dalí of Dub.“

So this outstanding musician – living legend has made a new record with release date aujourd’hui (10.08.2010).  Maybe it is not the best album he ever made, but it is definitely worth mentioning. This guy is still making tunes being 74 years old. I am not sure how many records actually go on his account, he might have produced one for every year that he lived…

Revelation is somehow less bubbly and psychedelic then some of his former work but its none the less interesting. It shows a new side in his music. It’s actually really funny in parts having a thoughtful and Ironic approach towards topics of our time. For instance the diss of  the Kabbalah hype in the track books of Moses or the mockery on Michael Jackson asking “why did your cut of your nose?  why did you change your big pretty nose into a little little funny nose?”, in the track freaky Michael.

From Revelation 2010 – Run for Cover

Enjoy this fun Record!

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