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Inspiration Series III – 3 Logotype Inspiration Sites you should know about!

December 14th, 2008 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas
So folks…back again after a little break! With so much work these days haven´t found much time to keep up with the blog but once again i will continue our Inspiration Series. This time i present to you 3 Top Sites that are very useful if u are designing a Logo or just getting Inspiration about different logotypes! There is a lot to this subject and as 3 Links are not enough in any way i will post some additional Links Tips. – huge Archive with a big Community, perhaps the best Resource on the web! – 26762 Logos…a lot to see here but the Navigation of the Site is something you have to get used too…try the Search window and you will definetly find lots! – a high-profile logo design award scheme…daily!

And if you are about to dive deeply into the whole logo design thing i recommend the following Links: – 81 of the best logo design resources! This one contains a lot of Information…fonts, trends, awards, collections… In general the Irish designer David Airey has built up a respectable amout of Information about this subject to be found on his Site and Blog ( and ). – An Article about current Trends in Logo design..also quite useful.

So i hope this turns out useful and if anyone hast Recommendations about other great Inspiration resources related to Logotypes, please just comment here.


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