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The Pendulum for the Expo 2010 in Shanghai – by Milla&Partner

December 2nd, 2009 // 1 Comment // Posted by Philipp

2 weeks ago my university was invited to see the pre-presentation of the energysphere. It is a sphere  which is going to be installed at the german-pavillon fpr the expo 2010 in shanghai. The Event-Agency Milla&Partner created this amazing element. With hundred of thousands of LED´s it creates different visuals on its surface. In Shanghai it will interact with the participants. For example if the people are screaming – the sphere will be following the voices. It was very impressive to see this. Its still having some problems with the interaction, but i am sure it will be impressive at shanghai.

It weighs 1200kg and has a diameter of 3m.

Check the video below.

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