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Cuthead – Vibratin’

February 10th, 2012 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

Great track and video from Uncanny Valley’s Cuthead. Originally released in December on his Brother EP, which is just great and definitely worth the buy.
Be sure to follow Uncanny Valley, some great output from Dresden. Video produced by Robert Arnold –

Till Nowak – Digital Artist

January 19th, 2012 // No Comments // Posted by Andrea

In line of the Transmediale Festival in Berlin from  30.01 – 05.02.12. I want to show you the work of Till Nowak.

He will present his short film “The Centrifuge Brain Project” at the Festival. It’s not online, but i give you a short vision. In this fictive documentation he builds monstrous machines, which scientist use to overcome gravity. With 3-D-Modelling-and Animation Software he manipulates the reality. After taking live pictures to extract the 3-D structure, he put these animation back to the documentary footage via Match-Moving-Method. So that we get the impression, that gravity is no matter anymore.

Digital Art by Till Nowak

“Till Nowak is a digital artist, designer and filmmaker. Since 1999 Till works as a professional computer graphics artist on his own independent projects and as an efficient one-man-production-company for high profile clients. He is based in Hamburg. He has is own computer animation Studio frameboX

Pjusk – Sus from Till Nowak on Vimeo.

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Emilia Forstreute / Opiates – Amstel

December 17th, 2010 // No Comments // Posted by Andrea

Amstel is a music video for Opiate´s track Amstel. Opiate is the danish musician Thomas Knak /click here for more . He uses analogue instruments as a basement for his music and manipulates them then digitally. He founded and runs his own label Hobby Industries. He worked with famous names like Alva Noto and Björk. As a remixer he has collaborating with musicians and groups of wide spectrum of styles such as Tied & Tickled TrioBjörk,Giardini Di MiròEfterklangKarsten PflumUnder ByenPiano Magic, etc.

Amstel from Emilia on Vimeo.

This analogue-digital approach I transferred into visuals. Out of different materials like ballons, felt, sweets, buttons and paper-maché I created objects and creatures. I filmed them on greenscreen and composed them afterwards digitally with After Effects.


December 5th, 2010 // No Comments // Posted by Andrea

a graphical big bang, shows us the world behind

ZEROING from andrey nepomnyaschev on Vimeo.

Onur Senturk – Triangle

July 13th, 2010 // 1 Comment // Posted by Lukas

There are lots of nice motion experiments with sound. This is one of the impressive kind. Onur Senturk is a freelance designer and director in Istanbul, Turkey.
See more of his work here.  We recently also featured his film Nokta on the blog.

TRI▲NGLE from Onur Senturk on Vimeo.

via fubiz


June 18th, 2010 // No Comments // Posted by Andrea

“Each day, we are surrounded by seemingly insignificant objects, taking them from one place to the other, or leaving them on a table for weeks, without paying any attention to them. We ignore or forget them, using things only when we need to, making sure they don’t interfere or inhabit our space. But what if they were not so stable and subservient? What if they could swivel, bounce or even fly. And what if they did so all at the same time? We want to imagine a place where objects could live and move, harmoniously, and of their own accord. Without interfering with each other these objects would bounce, roll, turn and cross each other’s paths.

This experiment is about re-discovering our daily surroundings. This is the making of the interactive video that was originally made for If You Could Collaborate exhibition.

This video is the making of the interactive film where each object is assigned to a letter on the keyboard, and can be activated or deactivated at any time. To learn more about our process and to play with this interactive desk, go to

DanseDance from Julien Vallée on Vimeo.

Youtube Play

June 16th, 2010 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

YouTube Play is an exhibition that YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum in NYC are calling “a Biennial of Creative Video” and which you can submit or nominate your own non-commercial work to (open till the 31st of July). Director Johnny Kelly produced an amazing video for the exhibition. Be sure to check out the making of to see how it was done. Read more about it here..

Making of

via motionographer

Pixels Invasion by Patrick Jean

April 9th, 2010 // No Comments // Posted by Lukas

PIXELS: Retro Gamers from addwork on Vimeo.

Directed by Patrick Jean and produced by French production company OneMoreProduction this animation film is one of the best seen in a while. Millions of views in the first viral beast for sure.

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