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Porkchop for J’aime Le Dubstep #117

June 16th, 2011 // 1 Comment // Posted by Lukas

J’aime Le Dubstep features quite a lot of mixtapes, and generally they are a little bit to rough for me. This one got me though.. exploring the deeper side of bass, Porkshop from San Francisco puts together a wicked mixtape.. keep an eye on this guy!

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His Bio states:

San Francisco based DJ/Producer Porkchop (Benjamin Keyser) has built a rising obelisk of sound stemming from the muscles and chambers of the underground scene into the high gloss swash of the refined dubstep movement above. In addition to his solo offerings, Porkchop contributes to many of the SF bass-fixated conglomerates and operates half of ADSUM with Mikey Fisher (Future Simple Project). His live performances are a mix of heady minimalist dubs and spontaneous compositions, further blurring the lines between DJ, musician, and artist.

You can also listen to some of his own tracks here:

Latest tracks by PORKCHOP

(tracklist after jump)

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