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Rad campaign “Aids ist ein Massenmörder”

September 25th, 2009 // 1 Comment // Posted by Matthias

The TV- and Cinema-Spot “Aids ist ein Massenmörder” (Aids is an mass-murderer).

That’s the pits. This spectacular campaign by the german agency das comitee was made for the world aids day 2009 and it speaks a very plain language.

The campaign starts on the 1st of December with the slogan  “Aids ist ein Massenmörder” / Aids is an mass murderer. The center of this campaign is defined by the some of the worst mass murderer having sex.

This is very rad indeed but in times where aids is becoming a big part of our daily life and with people starting to be indifferent about the subject, campaigns like this one will surely raise more attention then a funny campaingn would do. It sure is very controversial, in every way, but also good work by the creatives of  “das comitee agency”. So make up your mind and share your opinion about this one.

The Ad The Ad The Ad
The Ad “Saddam” The Ad “Stalin” The Ad “Adolf”

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